Sam Young Excommunicated, But #protectldschildren MUST Continue

The verdict is in. Sam Young was excommunicated from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints for doing the right thing and blowing the whistle on the abusive practices in the church. They have decided to spit in the face of all of the victims and allies standing with Sam. But despite their atrocities, we CAN and we MUST continue on the fight. This isn’t over. Sam has lead us here, and now it is up to US, THE MEMBERS AND COMMUNITIES, to rise unified as one voice to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!

If you want to talk or discuss more grassroots activism options, consider joining these groups on Facebook dedicated to the cause:

Samaritans For Sam

Wounded Samaritans

Sam Young – Protect LDS Children – We Stand With You

#CallingOutRobertKirby (Updated)

It started with Robert Kirby’s article on McKenna Denson in the Salt Lake Tribune, mocking her for calling out the man who raped her and is being protected by the church, Joseph Bishop, in his home ward during Fast And Testimony Meeting. This article was swiftly followed by this:

McKenna Denson herself called him out, and the comment and message tirade began.

Photo Editor-20180913_173027.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_173130

Photo Editor-20180913_173221

Photo Editor-20180913_172936.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_171406

Photo Editor-20180913_171437

Photo Editor-20180913_171802

Photo Editor-20180913_173511.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_173548

Photo Editor-20180913_173609

Photo Editor-20180913_173712.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_173802.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_173927

Photo Editor-20180913_183306

Photo Editor-20180913_183405

Photo Editor-20180913_173609.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_173802.jpg

After the fallout, fellow Sunstone Speaker Courtney Clark Kendrick posted this:

The comments began to roll on his posts, and these are just a few screenshots of how that went.

Photo Editor-20180913_172646

(Notice his “Apology” is right before he puts the post on blast for his sycophantic followers who didn’t dissent and get blocked to see and comment on)

Photo Editor-20180913_172507

(And then he continues to poke fun…)

Photo Editor-20180913_172329.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_172406.jpg



Photo Editor-20180913_172819.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_182920

Photo Editor-20180913_182955.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_183029

Here are a few facts to keep in mind. Most of the comments made that were the most important were deleted by his blocking and removing of content on his facebook page. The messages he makes joking about Courtney came AFTER his apology. Is he really sorry? Personally… I doubt it.

The Vigil Is Not Over For #samaritansforsam

Around the world, we waited together to hear if Sam Young was to be excommunicated for his brave work doing #protectldschildren #templesidechatwithanapostle, templesidechatwithjesus, and Samaritan’s events like #samaritansparty and #samaritansfeast. It’s been 4 days since that night, and the decision has still not been released. But the vigil is not over!

This is a social media call to show your support not only for Sam Young and Protect LDS Children, but victims and survivors everywhere. If you can, please copy and paste the following message to a selfie with a candle, a picture of a candle, or your profile picture with the frame of a candle on Facebook for Sam Young. Show your support and solidarity by turning all of social media into one big interactive vigil for all those affected by this cause!

(Copy and paste the text onto a selfie of you and a candle, just a picture of a candle, or the Sam Young profile picture frame to continue the vigil!)

#samspotlight #protectldschildren #istandwithsam #stopprotectingsexualpredators

If you care about the many victims of abuse in all religions…
Whether you’re #lds, #exmo, or never heard of the #mormon (TCOJCOLDS) church…
Been there from the beginning with #samyoung or just learning of now…

We are encouraging EVERYONE during this hard time to #letyourlightshine across social media by posting a picture of you holding a candle in vigil for Sam Young and all the survivors of #abuse with the hashtags:
#samspotlight #protectldschildren #istandwithsam #stopprotectingsexualpredators #abuseawareness.

Let’s light up the world in unison with an interactive vigil capable of reaching even the darkest corners! ❤️

Samaritans Night Eve Of The Tribunal

Tribunal Outcome

Samaritan’s Party And Feast For Protect LDS Children

The Samaritan’s Party was all about healing for the victims and survivors of abuse in The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints and included a bishop’s apology from 30 current or still ordained bishops across the country for the church’s practice of one-on-one interviews conducted by untrained lay men and often including sexually explicit questions with underage children. The Samaritan’s Feast was the last day of Sam Young’s #hungerstrikeandspotlight and #templesidechat. He fasted for 23 days, besting Gandhi’s fast by 2 days, all for the victims. Not one apostle showed up, including the prophet Russel M. Nelson, but as participants washed each others feet free of the guilt, shame, and pain of their traumas in the church, you could almost swear Jesus himself was standing amongst them.

Kristy Johnson’s Entire HOM Interview On Severe Abuse In The LDS Church – #mormonmetoo #stopprotectingsexualpredators #protectldschildren

We support Kristy Johnson. We support sharing her story far and wide. We recommend these interviews, her press conference livestream( Kristy Johnson Livestream ), and her documentary Glass Temples. Her story is important. This is how the church has handled abuse. And it is time for this behavior to STOP. We stand by her 100% <3

Kristy Johnson Interview Part 2-HOM-Abuse In The LDS Church


A very detailed account of Kristy Johnson’s physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse experience in the LDS church. Her father Melvin Kay Johnson was a BYU Professor and worked at CES. He abused all of his children, and for years no one helped them or even listened to them when they tried to come forward almost half a dozen times. He never saw prison and she has never received justice. HER. STORY. MATTERS.