Child In Wheelchair Attacked By Security Guard In Temple Square 7/29

I feel like this video deserves it’s own post. It was really awful and I feel like it needs to be seen and talked about.

This was by far the worst action by an outsider that happened today. A child in a wheelchair was attacked by a security guard for holding a sign a couple of feet over an arbitrary and unclear line, because she wanted to be in the shade in the awful heat of the day. He was waiting in the background for quite some time, looking for someone to attack, and decided to attack a child. in. a. wheelchair. She was visibly shaken and brought to tears. Sam Young stepped in and tried to rectify the situation positively, but I felt it was important to get her side of the story and validate what had just happened to her. I think that security guard should be absolutely ashamed of himself. There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. That it happened right outside the Salt Lake City LDS Temple in Temple Square makes it even more atrocious.

My heart broke at the sight of her tears. No child should have to bear such a traumatic event happening so randomly to her when she was trying to show support for a very important cause, PROTECTING OTHER CHILDREN. No justification would make me feel ok with how she was treated.