My story as an adopted FLDS descendant and the story of a direct descendant of Joseph Smith and a polygamous guardian, how we survived the Mormon Church and all the wrongs they perpetrated against us in the very heart of both Utah and Mormonism, especially as children, is almost ready to be told. Our stories are rife with abuse, persecution, and how the church not only knowingly helped cover up what happened to us, but persecuted and harassed us for over 20 years, much of which came from circumstances neither of us could help or control. What happened to us was sick, wrong and should never have happened to ANYONE,, let alone children. Our lives were STOLEN from us by this cult. But now is the time to tell the truth about what really goes on in these closed communities. If we can save even ONE kid from facing the kind of hell we walked through to get here today, it will be worth it.

If they’re coming for me, I’m not going out in silence. Stay tuned.

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