My coverage of #danielfarrbabyrapist PLEASE SUPPORT THE VICTIMS!

2 days ago I logged onto Facebook and saw a post by a friend about the Daniel Stephen Farr case with links to the obituary page ( Archived Link) and several screenshots from family members asking for help. I immediately tried to confirm that the family was indeed asking for help and wanted their information shared. After 2 comment confirmations and a message go ahead, I shared whatever information I could find wherever I could, including Twitter and Reddit.

Within seconds I was bombarded with hate. Messages from angry lds people attacking me for trying to help. I argued with commenters on social media until 6:30 in the morning. Reddit was the worst. After being continually threatened and told it would be taken down from the Reddit group, I decided to delete the pictures and focus on sharing the GoFundMe account for the family where I thought it would do more good. Little did I know that the title post was still active and would actually make a difference.

I woke up later in the afternoon to an outpouring of love and support from people who knew me and knew how affected I was by the entire thing. My gratitude for these people is beyond words. When I checked the post, it had climbed to 20,000 views, and their fundraiser had skyrocketed from a couple thousand to $22,000! As of posting, it’s grown to 30k views and $26,000, exceeding both of the goals originally put on the account.

I can’t describe how proud I am of every single person who shared the links and donated to the GoFundMe. This story was never about me and never should have been, it was always about the family, but all of you together deserve a round of applause for answering the call and supporting them in their time of need.

This whole experience proves to me that there are enough of us who care to truly make a difference all across the lds, flds, and exmo communities. We are strongest when we stand together to do what is really right, and the more of us take a stand, the better this world can be for every one of us. Thank you to the fellow warriors leading the charge against injustice!

Now to the information. I am sharing these screenshots and links not only to document what really happened, but to continue to help the family. I know a lot of news stories just don’t want to even touch this story. I’ve done my best to keep everyone’s privacy in mind by blacking out personal information and limiting what I share to what’s relevant. I want everyone to remember, THE GOFUNDME IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS AND SHOULD BE THE MAIN FOCUS. They can still use all the help they can get! So please be sure to donate and share! There is also a peaceful march and vigil for the victim event I’m sharing here, I recommend it!

GoFundMe For Victim

March For The Victim

News Story With Our Reddit Link

Throwing Stones: Telling Stories Of Resilience Event Livestream!

Really great and productive event at the Library, lot of really amazing speakers and very good discussion! Glass Temples is not in our livestream as we didnt want to post anything that might be copyrighted, but there is some amazing poetry and music performances as well as an informative and enlightening Q&A and group discussion!

We will update this post with as much credit as we can gather about all the contributors as we get the information! 🙂

Kristy Johnson Press Conference Livestream


Kristy Johnson Press Conference! Powerful and incredibly important experience! I highly recommend watching the entire video, she was absolutely amazing and there were some very good points made by the entire group.

If you want to know how it can really truly be and feel in this culture where abuse is perpetuated OFTEN, listen to her. Listen to her truth. This is reality. And she is a straight up warrior that we here at this project fully support.

We’ve Got Coverage!

Incredible news.

After weeks of trying to get ANYONE to listen to us, we have finally found a champion and hero in the form of McKenna Denson. To say we are ecstatic would be an understatement. Finally, a voice for the voiceless that is standing up to the church for all the injustices it perpetrates on its own members has heard our cries and is interested in helping us not only share our stories and receive the kind of help we so desperately need, but in helping this kind of abuse stop once and for all before another woman or child is hurt. This is monumental.

For myself personally, I feel this is the moment I’ve been waiting over half my life for. After years of being silenced and trapped in the dark underbelly of the church, the truth is shining its light brighter than ever in spite of it all, and it is the most validating and healing feeling I’ve ever experienced. To all the nay-sayers calling for me to “stop my personal vendetta” because “religion”, I have only a few things to say to you. You can call what I’m doing whatever you like and believe what you want. The truth will set every one of us free, and the same goes for this religion. If you have nothing to hide or cover up, nothing I’m saying or doing should bother you to the point of attacking me or any of the women I work with. If you care about this church as much as you say you do, the same issues I have should be just as important to you, because they’re effectively destroying the thing you love so much, and we had nothing to do with it. We were the victims, not the villains. We’re doing this, not because of vendettas, but because we see these problems we suffered ourselves and we want to do everything in our power to stop it from ever happening again. If you can’t accept that… It says more about you than any of the brave women fighting in you and your families names.

This is the beginning of a whole new age, and I welcome it with an open heart and mind.

Just a quick update, we are working on a lot of interviews with people who have experienced abuse within the church and encourage anyone who wants to be heard, whether anonymously or not, to get in contact with us. We’re also working on launching a YouTube series dealing directly with a lot of this material that we hope will eventually become a documentary.

I’ve decided to leave my personal email here in case anyone is having issues getting ahold of me more directly as well. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂