Forever, I Stand With Sam

There are some days that we will never forget
No matter how hard we try
The memory just never fully fades to black
In your mind.
It will always creep up and find you
Looming over you from the shadows…

Like his face swaying towards me from the darkness like the snake
Sent by Elohim himself to bite me
For the crime of existing
Like so many before him in my ward
Though I remained distinctly aware
That this… was never any garden.

The feeling of his hands on my childish body
Reaching out at me from every turn
Becoming a reality every time the bishop rubbed my shoulders
Like I was HIS child of God
To keep quiet and complacent
“with perfect obedience and perfect faith”
Using not the arm of the flesh, but the arm of the lord
To silence me

The screams that choked my throat
Echoing in the silence after the choir sings a child’s prayer
When all I wanted to know is why he never answered mine.

The panic attacks in white hot flashes
From even the most innocent slip of a temple garment
Burning into my eyes like the blinding realization
That this pain would never be healed
In the same community that poured resovoirs of their projected shame over my sinking ship
And tried to drown my innocent soul

From the mouths of untrained leaders
I learned God’s authority
And it came with a price I couldn’t bear to pay.

And now that same authority speaks again
Trying to drown out the voices of the victims in its shadow
Dragging them from pulpits where predators preach and hide behind
And banishing the allies holding the hands of the wounded outside their doors.

You want Sam Young to walk on water to prove he speaks from a place of real righteousness
You want him to perform miracles to earn anything but your ire
But like the Pharoahs of old, you harden your hearts to the peoples cries
Or the one called to lead them out of their pains bondage
Too busy with the money changers to come out of your spacious buildings
To step outside into the light beyond the temple
And bear witness to the miracle of healing taking place on the street beneath your closed doors
In the company of the truly christlike
Washing the feet of the survivors
As the Samaritan in YOUR stead.

Like Samuel on the wall, Sam cried out to you in good faith
Fasted while you festered
And now like Daniel you intend to throw him into the lions den for defeat
All the while not recognizing that Sam
Is the strongest lion you’ve never known
Amidst a pack of kangaroos
Too cowardly to choose the right
And be a part of the apology
Their dear leaders dismissed

At every opportunity the olive branch has been extended to you
To be a part of the solution instead of the problem
You said that if he just walked away, he’d be ok
But you couldn’t promise the same for the CHILDREN in your care
That you bid to come unto you every day…
And you wonder why he still stands.
Even when threatened with all he holds dear
In the face of the misinformed character assassination
Playing out in front of him.

The brethren can cast out their brother
Turn deaf and blind senses back to their beloved book
And bury their faces into their hats to wait on the word of God
But those of us left with the heart to hear
Recognize the call for change coming from the heavens
And stand ready to heed it, hand in hand
With or without the church.

Who really stands to lose in this battle
Of empire and victim?
Unrighteous dominion can only reign
With the consent of the ruled.
Open your hearts and your minds like the savior you profess to follow
Walk with us just one mile to find his footprints
For inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Suffer NOT the little children.
Not all heroes wear capes. Some start by wearing buttons.
I stand with Sam Young.

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