#CallingOutRobertKirby (Updated)

It started with Robert Kirby’s article on McKenna Denson in the Salt Lake Tribune, mocking her for calling out the man who raped her and is being protected by the church, Joseph Bishop, in his home ward during Fast And Testimony Meeting. This article was swiftly followed by this: https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/letters/2018/09/12/letter-assault-is-not/

McKenna Denson herself called him out, and the comment and message tirade began.

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Photo Editor-20180913_173221

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After the fallout, fellow Sunstone Speaker Courtney Clark Kendrick posted this:

The comments began to roll on his posts, and these are just a few screenshots of how that went.

Photo Editor-20180913_172646

(Notice his “Apology” is right before he puts the post on blast for his sycophantic followers who didn’t dissent and get blocked to see and comment on)

Photo Editor-20180913_172507

(And then he continues to poke fun…)

Photo Editor-20180913_172329.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_172406.jpg



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Photo Editor-20180913_182920

Photo Editor-20180913_182955.jpg

Photo Editor-20180913_183029

Here are a few facts to keep in mind. Most of the comments made that were the most important were deleted by his blocking and removing of content on his facebook page. The messages he makes joking about Courtney came AFTER his apology. Is he really sorry? Personally… I doubt it.

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