Child In Wheelchair Attacked By Security Guard In Temple Square 7/29

I feel like this video deserves it’s own post. It was really awful and I feel like it needs to be seen and talked about.

This was by far the worst action by an outsider that happened today. A child in a wheelchair was attacked by a security guard for holding a sign a couple of feet over an arbitrary and unclear line, because she wanted to be in the shade in the awful heat of the day. He was waiting in the background for quite some time, looking for someone to attack, and decided to attack a child. in. a. wheelchair. She was visibly shaken and brought to tears. Sam Young stepped in and tried to rectify the situation positively, but I felt it was important to get her side of the story and validate what had just happened to her. I think that security guard should be absolutely ashamed of himself. There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior. That it happened right outside the Salt Lake City LDS Temple in Temple Square makes it even more atrocious.

My heart broke at the sight of her tears. No child should have to bear such a traumatic event happening so randomly to her when she was trying to show support for a very important cause, PROTECTING OTHER CHILDREN. No justification would make me feel ok with how she was treated.

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  1. Hi! That was me and my daughter. Thanks for posting this. It shouts loudly to the world – the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, won’t let a little girl in a wheelchair sit in their shade on the side of the sidewalk they own. Because she had a little drawing of a lion she made that showed the lion roaring. She wasn’t waving it, she had it on her lap, trying to stay out of the hot sun. He didn’t ask the people with signs on their shirts to move, no, he told the little girl in the wheelchair to move. What bothered me most, is he waited until I stepped away from her for a few minutes, so she was vulnerable. An easy target. I don’t know who the man was who told me to shut up was, but that also bothered me. I was speaking up for myself. Isn’t that why we’re here? After being silenced my whole life, I was speaking up for my daughter and he silenced me. THIS should show the world what we are up against as women. We speak up, we are silenced by men in this culture. Who was that guy? I don’t know, but if I could do it again, I would say, NO! I will not shut up! Now, I am glad I quit being so upset, because I didn’t want to hurt Sam’s cause by making us look like trouble-makers. So I would have silenced myself, I didn’t need to be silenced by a man, I’m not a CHILD. I have a voice and I used it and will continue to use it when we are bullied in any way, especially by that “The Church.” First, “Don’t touch our building.” Second, “Don’t touch our sidewalk.” I said it before and I’ll say it again, the guy was a jerk. Sam handled it wonderfully, but the guy was a jerk to my daughter. He could have said, Honey, we don’t allow signs to be displayed on our property, can you turn your sign over? Which is weird enough as it was an 8 1/2 x 11 paper she had drawn a lion on. Thanks for checking on us and asking if she was okay, it helped so much.

  2. PS She never dared bring her sign to anymore of the temple-side chats. I thought that was sad, she worked hard on that sign. When you open yourself up, and are rejected like that security guard did to her, it really is painful. She’s fine, but thank you for understanding how really painful it was for her. ❤

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